Secure Storage 

Pacful has taken extensive steps to ensure that everything stored in all locations are fully safeguarded. But we recognize that there are times when you have extra- sensitive or high value items like prototypes, unannounced products, rare parts or expensive components that you want to ensure are fully secured.

At all of our fulfillment locations, Pacful has an added "Secure Storage" area to cover these needs. These protected areas are off-limits to all employees except the Fulfillment Manager, and stay locked 24/7. They are only opened when an item needs to be added in or removed per client requests, going through a special sign in/out inventory list and procedures. Top silicon valley clients trust us to store their high-value prototypes every day, and we take their safety and security seriously.

Knowing we have this option is a key factor for many of our clients, and we can store your high-value products there too.