QR Codes 

QR Codes

Utilize Pacful's QR code generator below to create a custom QR code for your companies use! It's free, easy, and a great way to add a direct digital link to your next print piece.

Would you like to download a Pac QR Code? Click here to generate your own!


Pacful does have a set of recommendations for proper use of QR codes, as occasionally they aren't used as effectively as they could be. The main goal of a QR code is as a quick link to a website. What happens at this website is where you can take really make a difference with your consumers. There is nothing wrong with using a QR code to bring them directly to your main company landing page. But in this day of smart phones, tablets and portable internet connections, it might not be necessary since they can just as quickly punch in your URL to their browser anyway.

Instead, think about using QR codes where it brings your consumer to a special website, with a unique offer. An offer that is either not available anywhere else, or an website that has an offer with limited access to learn about/discover anywhere else. Suddenly, it's exclusive - and this can create a viral buzz about your "secret" code, offer or special. Now you have created a marketing plan that could go viral, and gives you earned media on top of it!

An great example might be to have consumers scan your QR code to receive a mailer coupon for 5% off their next purchase (Pacful can handle every step of that idea for you!). Or to have consumers' scan your QR code to be brought to a website with an exclusive offer, that is not advertised anywhere else.

Other options: You could print this QR code to hand out at restaurants, bars or clubs (beverage companies) for entry into a contest, include it in guerrilla marketing campaigns to stir up viral activity, or on flyers or posters advertising your event/store/sale to learn additional information. A good goal for QR code use is to make the end result something special, different, meaningful or exclusive. And don't be afraid to tease that on your printed material! And if you add a special fulfillment option, where the consumer gets sent a sample product by scanning the QR code, and entering in their data, Pacful can fulfill all your product samples out of our fulfillment centers as well!

No matter how you choose to use your QR code on your printed material, Pacful will get them printed for you on whatever piece you want.