Prize Fulfillment 

Pacful can provide solutions to all of your prize fulfillment needs. Whether you need 10 prizes, or 10,000 prizes pulled, packed, addresses printed and shipped out - Pacful can get it done. You supply us with the winners info and the prizes, and we will get everything else done and out the door for you quickly, accurately and efficiently. Whether it's reward checks, video game systems, or customer loyalty program cards, Pacful will accurately match the correct prize to the correct address and get it sent out to meet your deadline.

How do we do it? Pacful's prize fulfillment expertise is simply an aggregation of all our other specialties. We already can print any number of addresses you need via our variable data operations. We run multiple warehousing/storage locations with web-based inventory systems, on-site printing capability and packing centers. These locations are pulling, packing and shipping items for our client roster every single day. If you have prizes in the 10,000 and up category, Pacful has a dedicated crew of part-time employees who step in on a regular basis to scale up production on jobs exactly like this. That keeps your costs down, and quality high.