NetApp Case Study 


NetApp (formerly Network Appliance), a leader in data management solutions, was looking for a way to consolidate their internal print needs, marketing collateral, and promotional material into an online ordering solution for both internal team members as well as for their corporate partners.


Their rapidly changing industry meant that collateral was revised often, sometimes several times a quarter. Long offset print runs were not only cost prohibitive, but also led to unnecessary storage and disposal costs.

Pacful Solution

In 2011 Pacful partnered with Netapp for a "1stop" solution to their needs. We created an online storefront incorporating their branding standards that featured catalog sections such as What's New, Corporate, Channel, Products, and Services.

Each user or corporate partner is assigned their own secure login with the appropriate access level. This allows team members to access documents and materials that are specific to their departments while "hiding" or limiting access to other departments and non employees. Partners can also customize most collateral with their own logo and contact information for their own marketing purposes.


Utilizing this online print on demand solution, Netapp saves on print, shipping and storage costs, and reduces paper and ink waste, helping the environment. They are able to upload revisions to their collateral and add new users at any time. Combining this with their promotional items has put their print, storage, kitting and fulfillment all under one roof at Pacful.