Equipment & Tradeshow Maintenance 

Pacful recognizes the value of event/experiential in your marketing mix. We have solutions in all areas of trade show, event and conference booth management. From on-line inventory/fulfillment and ordering systems to hands on, we have you covered. We oversee, maintain, upgrade, store and ship everything from tradeshow & conference booth displays all the way to full blown, complex electronic/technical display equipment. We can do numerous maintenance and repairs in-house, both technically complex and simple as well as aesthetic changes/upkeep. We have a network of backup specialists to do the few things we can't do in-house. Pacful also is willing to work with clients who already have partners/agencies in place for a seamless partnership. When needed, we will work with your original exhibit builder for any custom parts you want us to source from them.

We will keep an inventory of spare parts (as approved by the client) on hand in order to repair displays quickly and on time for the next show. With our digital printing capability in all three fulfillment/storage locations, we can print new banners, stickers, headers, etc. right there on sight for your event/tradeshow equipment. No need to pay shipping for any of your printed needs for your displays - we will do it!

When it comes to shipping, we are flexible. We are more than happy to work with your existing corporate shipping partner if that is what you prefer. If you don't have a shipping partner already, we can offer shipping logistics to get whatever you need, where ever you need it! With our multiple warehouse locations, we can provide storage in a closer geographic region to your next event. We can even work with our shipping partner to provide temporary in-market storage (pre-event "staging") when needed to save you money, and ensure the equipment doesn't get snagged in a snowstorm 700 miles out!

We provide an on-line inventory ordering system for our clients, with multiple systems to choose from. You can log-in, select your items, choose your ship-to location and place your order all on-line! We will handle it from there!

If you don't have an event/experiential marketing agency who handles setup for you, Pacful can help out here as well. We can provide setup services at your event or trade show, as needed. We will send our rep out to ensure that your display is properly unpacked, setup and running. When the show is over, Pacful's rep will then again make sure your display is torn down and properly packed up for return shipment wherever designated. Whether he is managing local labor, overseeing Union labor or assembling your display himself, we will get the job done for you properly, safely, on-time and on-budget.